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Recruiting for Our Clients

  • We are first and foremost proactive in our activities. Our approach is to gain an understanding of our client's business, the corporate culture, the manner in which they conduct business, the near-term and long-term corporate goals, products and services and the industries serviced.

  • We network through contacts generated by our computerized database of over 20,000 professionals across Canada (50% consist of resumes on file) to surface candidates. We conduct cold-calling as required.

  • We interview candidates by phone and in person to best ensure candidates fit the stated and unstated profile for the position(s).

  • We submit resumes only of qualified candidates that in our opinion will be acceptable to you, the client. For those candidates whose profiles interest you, we arrange client interviews.

  • We perform all reference checks, as requested.

  • We interact with client and candidates throughout the hiring process. This gives the candidates a realistic view of the position and assists them in matching a career employment opportunity to their personal objectives. Feedback from the resumes submitted and from client interviews is essential for an efficient process.

  • We succeed swiftly when the client provides some or all of the following:
    • Written job specifications.
    • Brochure(s) on product(s) and/or service(s) and/or website address.
    • Business profile and latest annual statement for your organization.
    • Names of persons or organizations to be excluded or included in the search (as for example, affiliate companies)
    • Changes in job specification(s) or any other original conditions which may occur during the term of the search.
    • Prompt feedback on resume submissions and interviews.


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D.L. Hart & Associates | 33 Harbour Square, Suite 2432, Toronto, Ontario  M5J 2G2

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