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Tips on Résumé Writing

We are frequently asked to comment on or give suggestions regarding résumés relating to format and content

First, a résumé is a very personal document reflecting the person as an individual and should not be a "cookie cutter" résumé.

It should include:

  • Name at the top
  • Contact information--top left margin
  • Personal information--top right margin
  • Career objective--one paragraph, two sentences, or summary
  • Professional skills--3, 4 or 5 one sentence paragraphs
  • Education--include professional designations
  • Employment Experience:
  • dates (including months) left margin; company (briefly note company's or division of company's principal business)
  • title; title of person(s) to whom you reported; dotted line as well as direct line; titles of persons reporting to you
  • duties and responsibilities (four to eight)
  • achievements (two to four)
  • (The above format should be followed for each position within an organization as well as for different companies)
  • Training--courses or training of short duration
  • Affiliations--professional activities relating to education or employment interests
  • References--available upon request

Résumés should:

  • be in point form with indentations for ease of reading
  • have individuals name at the top of each page
  • have pages numbered
  • be written to include functions, technology and industry or product orientation
  • be no longer than four pages, excluding addendums


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